CES 2021: TCL launches its OD Zero Mini LED technology

The global TV market is growing exponentially and the world’s biggest IT event is the best platform where the dominant players of the global TV industry will showcase their products to attract a wide range of customers.

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TCL Electronics is a leading consumer electronics company, and at CES 2021, it debuted it’s OD ZeroTM Mini LED technology at CES 2021. Last year the display companies started eyeing the new and evolving mini-LED technology and realized that more research was required to develop the technology to new heights.

OD Zero is a technology combining TCL’s 3rd generation Mini LED backlight technology. The company claims that its new technology can deliver striking contrast and brightness with richer colors and smooth uniformity. It outperforms previous TCL Mini LED technology. 

The new mini-LED technology represents the optical distance between the Mini LED backlight layer and the LCD layer (diffuser plate). The distance is now reduced to 0 mm, which allowed the manufacturer to create an ultra-thin high-performance backlight module.

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TCL has been experimenting with its display technology over the years and the new OD Zero Mini LED technology is the result of the company’s research in the field over the years. It has allowed TCL to be at the forefront of advanced display technologies.

“We believe that Mini LED technology will continue to shape the TV industry. After deploying two versions of Mini LED, in 2021 we will launch the world’s first OD Zero Mini LED TV as part of TCL’s endeavor to let people worldwide ‘Experience More’.”

TCL’s OD Zero technology uses smaller LEDs and a brand-new lens design. It allows minimizing the distance between the light source and the panel to an astonishing zero millimeters. It is worth looking at the future of the new technology which is brought forth by TCL and it will be interesting to see what level of display’s will be produced by it.



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