CES 2021: LG brings in the smallest OLED panel for computer monitor

CES 2021 bought with it amazing stuff and gadgets which were never seen before. Last year we saw some amazing growth in the field of display manufacturing and sales. Amongst all the technology OLED display panels saw unprecedented growth.

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As the new year brings the world’s biggest IT event, LG, a prominent player in the display market brings its new Monitor made strictly for professionals.

The 31.5-inch OLED panel is the smallest OLED panel for a computer monitor so far. Featuring a dual DisplayPort (probably 1.4) and one HDMI port (some media report it as 2.0b), the monitor is nothing to neglect. It can be considered as one of the best options available in the market.

The display covers 99% of DCI-P3 color space and 99% of Adobe RGB. It features OLED Pixel Dimming HDR technology which is intended for professional use, such as video or photo editing. LG has not released the full specifications of the UltraFine 32EP950 monitor yet, but we expect them to be available shortly.

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Sporting a USB Type-C display port, the monitor is perfect for those looking to do their professional work from home set up to feel more complete. More details about the monitor are not yet released, but the new display looks quite promising.



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