CES 2021: Highlights from Samsung’s Press Conference with Samsung’s Bespoke, JetBot 90 AI+ and more

‘A better normal for all’ is what Samsung aims at. To make it simpler, Samsung desires to use technology to provide a better life for everyone. As our lives get more complex due to our busy lifestyle, it becomes more important to look for personalized products. 

Bespoke is Samsung’s innovative refrigerator. It is now introduced in a new style as the new 4-door Flex Bespoke. It will help you customize your kitchen as per your needs. Behind one of the doors of the refrigerator, you will find a brand new beverage center that will offer a water dispenser with an automatically filled pitcher.

The new Bespoke will have FlexZone and Crisper+. This Crisper+ is the upgraded version of the previous Crisper and comes with a temperature control feature. This new product from Samsung will be available in North America in the coming spring.

Samsung is one of the leaders in the Television manufacturing sector. They have come up with the all-new 110 inches MicroLED TV. It’s pure RGB LED Light shows every color detail perfectly. It also comes with the self-lit inorganic LED feature. The new MicroLED TV comes with a monolith design and offers you ‘quad-view’.

CES 2021: Highlights from Samsung’s Press Conference with Samsung's Bespoke, JetBot 90 AI+ and more
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This means that you will be able to split your screen into four ways for various content to watch at one time. That means no more fighting to view the content you love! Samsung TV Plus offers you more than 160 free channels and gives you customized recommendations on what you should watch.

The South Korean company also decide to offer personalized services along with personalized products. SmartThings Cooking and Samsung Health. The former helps you by providing tailor-made meal plans using artificial intelligence. The latter helps you in doing workouts and maintain your schedule thoroughly. It also helps you by reminding the exercises you should do.

CES 2021: Highlights from Samsung’s Press Conference with Samsung's Bespoke, JetBot 90 AI+ and more

Samsung’s new JetBot 90 AI+ robot aids the user to keep an eye on their home and pets from their smartphone. It doubles up as a vacuum cleaner and removes dust from the floor and air. Samsung Bot care will recognize objects using a camera and AI. It can raise itself to reach higher objects and give them to you. This robot is still “in development.” Samsung Bot Handy is another robot shown by Samsung. This robot can do your dishes as well!

Being a responsible global company, Samsung once again showed its commitment to nature and upcoming generation. They don’t only focus on innovating but on innovate with sustainability. This what they try to bring from their Upcycling program.



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