The world of smartphones is transforming at a rapid pace. The awareness of gaming smartphones is also increasing at a break-neck speed. So, the question “What can we expect from Next-gen Gaming Smartphones?” becomes more even more intriguing.

Black Shark 3 Pro launched last year with a 1440p display screen. It is one of the very few smartphones which was launched with this big display screen. The phone came with Physical pop-up gaming triggers as well. It has been seen that customers who desire to buy gaming smartphones wish to have phones with a larger display.

The two priorities gaming smartphone users have are a healthy long-life battery and a large display screen with a quick touch sensor. According to the reports, the refresh rate of gaming smartphones will reach 144Hz or even higher. Currently, most of the devices are available at a refresh rate of lower than 120Hz.

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Many of the gaming smartphones like Nubia (Red Magic) and ASUS (ROG) comes with 1080p displays. In the future, we might see gaming smartphones with larger screens. The next Black Shark phone which is supposed to be launch soon might come with a powerful Snapdragon 888 processor. Its predecessor had a 90Hz refresh rate. The company might launch a new device with a higher refresh rate. If that refresh rate touches 144Hz, customers will surely applaud the company’s efforts.

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Two more gaming smartphones are almost but sure to be released this year. The 2021 Red Magic phone and ASUS’s ROG Phone 4/5 might launch this quarter and the second half of the year respectively. Both of these will be a perfect role model for next-generation gaming smartphones as they should be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor. Also, they are speculated to have a 144Hz or higher refresh rate.

These are just a few of the modifications which customers want in gaming smartphones. In the future, we might see manufacturers innovating with a lot more features and built a product no one imagined before!

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