Red Magic 6 official poster reveals these specifications

Red Magic 6 official poster reveals these specifications

Red Magic is a Chinese smartphone brand that makes one of the best gaming smartphones in the world. Red Magic 5 was their previous smartphones that became very popular in the global market for its record-breaking performance. The phone was equipped with almost all the needed amenities needed for gaming.

Now the company has shared the official poster for its next successor gaming smartphone. The phone might be named Red Magic 6, and let’s see what are the specifications have been revealed.

image 14

The poster has been shared officially by Red Magic on Weibo. The poster clearly reveals that the phone will come with 120W fast charging and will feature a 4,500mAh battery along with a Gallium Nitride charger. The first two are quite popular in recent times but the latter one is new for some of us.

GaN or Gallium Nitride are expected to be the future of modern charging solutions. These chargers are smaller in size, but transfer currents more efficiently and with less energy lost to heat. This means maximum output from the socket into your device, creating a much faster charge.

According to Chargeasap, “GaN semiconductors are the new-age solution to silicon, because it not only makes devices smaller, but also entails better power efficiency. The material is said to be capable of conducting electrons one thousand times more efficiently than silicon, coupled with potentially lower manufacturing costs. These semiconductors have faster processing capabilities due to higher bandgap efficiency in a smaller package.”


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