No More Room in Hell 2 is going to launch very soon

Getting a Steam page, it is assumed that No More Room in Hell 2 is coming very soon on Early Access, where it’s gonna remain for about one year.

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No More Room in Hell 2 is developed on Unreal Engine with the help of advanced technology. In the spare time, the developers at Lever Games are looking forward to the project. With the help of the upcoming revenue from Steam, they will get only one chance to finish up the game in a full-time capacity.

The final version of this game is going to feature many things like cosmetics, weapons. In contrast, there are some other possibilities to be included the human NPC’s addition to No More Room in Hell 2, the PvP mode, and a crafting system.

The storyline goes in this way that the world is ensured by the Kulon pandemic, which causes deaths or comas to its victims. Government starts quarantine for its infected cities or collapse as millions of peoples have become infected.

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Scientists create a vaccine, but it is only until the infected has begun dying or before the body turns to a human flesh-eater. You have to survive by running, smashing, stabbing, and blasting your way to safety.

You can play together with up to 8 players. Explore the non-linear maps with dynamic and randomized elements. Any kind of weapons, gear, and ammo you find will help you to survive in the game.



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