CES 2021: The new Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ promises to smartly clean your home

At the virtual CES 2021 on January 11, Samsung Electronics introduced new innovative home appliances to help automate mundane household chores. The new JetBot 90 AI+ is a robot vacuum cleaner that aims to be smarter than other robot cleaners thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It is the world’s first smart robotic vacuum, powdered by Intel AI and loaded with sensors, including Lidar, which is similar to that used in self-driving cars, detects distance and tracks location for precise movements. It is also equipped with 3D sensors so that it can recognise objects and separate those from the floor that it is trying to clean. This will enable it to avoid things like cables, which other robot vacuums would just drive right over and attempt to consume.

CES 2021: The new Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ promises to smartly clean your home

It recognizes the difference between objects, for example, a toy and the leg of a chair. It can detect even small objects on the floor and recognize the room’s shape to maneuver around it. The safest, most efficient route will be mapped by an object recognition algorithm. Then, the bot uses this information to clean around items on the floor, while ensuring to maintain a safe distance from fragile or delicate objects and to lower itself below furniture if required. If something is classified as dangerous or likely to cause secondary contamination, it will simply avoid the item.

On the other hand, the new 8800 Series Smart Dial Front Load washers and dryers have been redesigned to make laundry more convenient, intuitive, and less stressful.

CES 2021: The new Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ promises to smartly clean your home
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Samsung is initiating it’s classic Smart Dial technology to the new laundry duo. The Smart Dial will intelligently learn your preferred cycles and settings, then prioritise them for quick access in an easy-to-use simplified control panel. Also, on the basis of intelligent learning of previous cycles run on particular days of the week or at specific times, it recommends specific cycles.

By detecting the laundry load’s weight and using a patented Turbidity Sensor, its powerful OptiWash feature determines the ideal amount of water and detergent required in the cycle. To ensure clothes come out the cleanest, it also determines how long to wash clothing.

The Smart things app on users’ smartphones can be used to receive the end of cycle alerts, schedule cycles, remotely start or stop wash, and more.

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