CES 2021: LG’s better, safer, and easier envision with its advanced solutions

With the theme of Life is ON – Make Yourself at Home, LG Electronics (LG) shared its its envisage for a more connected and more expedient lifestyle at the first all-digital CES 2021.

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The company’s press event was streamed live on LG’s CES 2021 website and LG global and LG global youtube channel where  LG reinvented the meaning of “home” with a presentation of advanced products and services designed to make consumers’ daily lives more comfortable, convenient, easy and enjoyable while its online exhibition booth gives visitors the opportunity to explore LG’s latest innovations from the comforts of their monitors, laptops or mobile devices.

LG’s CES press event had something amazing for everyone, including the first look at LG’s rollable phone project and virtual human influencer.

CES 2021: LG's better, safer, and easier envision with its advanced solutions

The LG Rollable smartphone was displayed at the CES with briefly demonstrating its unique feature, its resizable screen. The second device under the brand’s Explorer Project was this rollable device with its “exploratory” look, what the future of smartphones may bring.

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Later in the event, LG introduced Reah Keem, who is a virtual composer and DJ, and was made even more human through deep learning technology. Reah was in the spotlight and absorbed her time introducing the new LG CLOi robot that utilizes ultraviolet C (UV-C) light to clean high-touch, high-traffic areas such as hotel rooms and restaurants.

CES 2021: LG's better, safer, and easier envision with its advanced solutions

LG’s virtual exhibition is divided into four different sites: Life in ON TV, Virtual Experience, LG SIGNATURE in Vegas, and Life’s Good Studio. Life in On TV, which delivers 24/7 coverage of CES 2021 with the latest LG products’ news as well as entertaining lifestyle programming. Virtual Experience which offers an interactive exhibition with four different product zones in which LG SIGNATURE in Vegas is a stunning display that pairs the wonders of Las Vegas with LG SIGNATURE’s advanced and artistically inspired appliances. Visitors to Life’s Good Studio can also enjoy fun-filled musical collaborations with some of the recording industry’s up-and-coming artists.

The Virtual Experience’s TV and AV Zone shows the host the impressive sights and unparalleled picture quality of the OLED Fall display with a wall of flexible OLED screens that greets all guests. Here, visitors can also learn everything about LG OLED’s core features like the “4S” for sharpness, swiftness, smoothness, and slim – through a special, interactive presentation that increases extended reality (XR) and augmented reality (AR) technology. A 3D avatar of tech influencer, Linus Sebastian, will be there on hand to act as a guide and bring a human element to LG’s showcase at the first-ever all-virtual CES.

The Home Cinema Zone featured LG MAGNIT, LG’s 163-inch large screen Micro LED signage, which delivers deeper black and improved contrast and color accuracy with LG’s Black Coating technology. Guests can fully absorb themselves and enjoy the benefits of Micro LED viewing lively and amazing contents in realistic extended reality (XR).

The Home Appliance Zone demonstrated how a home can be made even more livable, easy, convenient, and hygienic through the advanced technology. Guests can also experience LG innovations that improve lives in the kitchen, living room, and laundry room.

LG Business Solutions’ exhibit featured advanced consumer products which were highlighted by the IT Zone. In this zone where visitors can experience personal devices, such that enhances productivity and delivery of immersive content across four virtual environments, including a home office and a gaming room.

And lastly, Mobile Zone also provides an opportunity to know more about LG’s newest mobile innovations, including the gyrating, dual-display LG WING smartphone. You can virtually pick up the device and try out its features, such as Gimbal Motion Camera and Dual Recording, and experiencing the noteworthy and significant factor and features of phone’s unique form in a whole new way.


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