6 CES Trends Expected to Take Center-Stage in 2021

Unlike any other version of the Consumer Electronics Show, the one in 2021 is expected to be a lot different. With curtains down on the ill-fated 2020, the New Year and the CES would feature 6 essential and market-moving trends that wouldn’t have been more relevant if for the pandemic. It is evident that the tech firms have put in the required set of efforts to envision and materialize some of these tech trends, which might come as zephyrs in the post-pandemic era.

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Trend 1: CES goes Virtual

Much like any other large-scale event, CES will take the virtual route in 2021. More than a trend, this development comes forth as an extension to the plights of the already concluded 2020, where covid19 was the deciding factor for most tech businesses. With the number of vendors participating in CES 2021 reduced to 2000 as compared to 4, 500 for the CES 2020, we can expect less clutter and more signal-based adjustments going into the future.

Therefore, the focus is expected to be on quality in 2021 rather than quantity. However, the success of this year’s CES will pave the way for future events.

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Trend 2: Pandemic-Centric Tech

Believe it or not, a majority of tech-based innovations in 2021 will focus on improving the lives of people, post-pandemic. The inclusion of high-tech air purifiers, revolutionary masks, UV-C lights, germ killers, and more are expected to take centre-stage in 2021.

Trend 3: Emergence of Transparent LEDs

The new breed of TVs will be in demand after the extended tryst with the lockdowns. While individuals, for the better part of 2020 were unprepared and heavily reliant on streaming devices and the media-playing applications like Kodi, 2021 will see them investing in the alluring and time-appropriate concept of transparent LEDs. It is expected that LG would be the market-mover in this regard.

Not just that, the transparency quotient will escalate to 40 percent but the power of the television sets will be intact.

Trend 4: The Automakers’ Playground.

CES 2021 will be a defining era for the automakers where they would be taking up electrification and digitization in their entirety. Although there are a handful of electrical vehicles in the market, we can expect newer revolutions where the focus would be on improved infotainment with car schematics being accommodative towards media players, streaming setups, and add-ons. The likes of Ford, Hummer, Tesla, and Mustang are expected to be the pivotal companies to take the concept ahead whilst making room for other inclusions like the Robotics-empowered industrial tractor, auto AI< and more.

Trend 5: Samsung will be Bigger than Ever

Despite Samsung taking the front-seat at every previous CES, CES 2021 will be drastically different and might just portray the company in a new light. While we can expect Samsung to introduce a barrage of consumer tech, including the quirky chatbots and computers, the new flagship smartphone i.e. Galaxy S21 might just escalate the OEM to a whole new level.

Trend 6: Emergence of 5G

Finally, we would be seeing 5G dominate the tech circuit as a majority of brands are expected to come up with gadgets provisioning the 5G technology. Besides, 5G, as the new-gen internet service will also be the focal point of discussion in 2021 even if it isn’t detailed in the CES.

In addition to these trends, CES 2021 will also see streaming service providers launch never breeds of streaming devices that will have support for add-ons and other inclusions. As the power of Kodi lies in third-party add-ons, we will see a majority of streaming services and even smartphones being more accommodative towards the same, precisely to improve the overall user experience.

To facilitate the inclusion of Kodi add-ons and services for other open-source solutions, we might see some less pronounced CES vendors stressing newer VPN technologies.

Overall, the CES 2021 will set a new benchmark as a completely consumer-centric event!

Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.

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