In the earlier 2000s, Chinese products used to have the image of being unreliable. They used to get damaged easily. This forced people to spend smaller amounts on them. But this frame of mind of the people is slowly changing. Over the years, we have seen Chinese OEMs develop some amazing smartphones which have completely revolutionized the smartphone industry.

Slowly and steadily, the brand image of Chinese products has improved. Today, they are looked at as someone who brings innovation into products. Xiaomi is one such Chinese company that has brought a different dimension to smartphones altogether. They have manufactured products with different innovative designs which can attract a lot of customers.

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Recent reports have not been great for Xiaomi. A few images have circulated online which tells that few of his products are founded to be defective. Xiaomi’s latest smart band, the Mi Band 5, got completely burned-out when it was connected to its charger. The user stated that his Mi Band 5 exploded while it was being charged on a table. You can see the image below.

A point to note is that all the damages which are present in the picture are not because of the explosion alone. When the device caught fire, the user threw it on the floor and stamped on it. Thus, we believe a few of the damages can be due to that reason as well. Though the reason for this explosion is unknown, we can say that there might have been a hardware issue.

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Another set of photos surfaced online which could harm Xiaomi. Their recently launched flagship device, Mi 11 series phone, was spotted online in a badly damaged manner. The owner of this device is unidentified but these photos were found on the Chinese social app Weibo.

It might be possible that these are just one-off incidents or the users of these devices were at fault. But, if these kinds of images are floated by a number of users, then it will raise a huge concern within Xiaomi.

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