KAAGAZ (2021) Zee5 Movie Review

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Kaagaz movie has very different and interesting story plots. The way Pankaj Tripathi sir and Monal Gajjar ma’am have portrayed the character which is become very realistic. The story of this movie is very different and inspirational. This movie is very touchy and inspirational. Director Satish Kaushik has returned to filmmaking after five years.

Kaagaz is a real-life story of a man named Lal Bihari Mritak, played here as Bharat Lal Mritak by the talented and most versatile actor Pankaj Tripathi. He is a man who is very kind-hearted, loveable, and belongs to a tiny village in Uttar Pradesh. He believed in slow living. There has a tiny shop, a sweet home with his lovely wife, and a small son in his life. He is pleased with them don’t to change it for anything. The entry scene where Bharat catches a mouse in his shop and chatting with it before setting it free proves him a man of pure intentions.

When Bharat’s wife, who has a small desire for a better life, asks him to expand his business by taking a bank loan, he knew about his terrible problem. He got to know that he is dead on pen and paper; his conniving aunt and her sons declared him dead to capture his property, which is legally his. The movie has begun that depicts Bharat’s decade-long, massive fight against a corrupted system and his own family and their greed. The main enemies are the village kids and idle men who continuously teased him and called him a ‘ghost.’

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There are many cliches in this movie story,  the rolls of the evil aunts rolling her eyes, bad guys swirl their ‘mooch,’ the Sarkari cogs –in-the-wheel smirk, and the swings of the waist of the item girl, and many more.

Despite all of this, the film is very inspiring and watchable solely due to Pankaj Tripathi’s performance. From this movie, we should learn that self-confidence is an important key for a person, and the truth always wins. From playing the gang leader’s character in Ludo to the loveable father in Gunjan Saxena, Pankaj Tripathi has proven his talent time by time; no character left that he can’t do. As a man of simplicity, playing Bharat Lal’s role is never a big challenge to him. His acting in this movie is awesome and heart touching.


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