Apple is reaching out to a bunch of automakers around the globe for their next car. The news is not at all new to us as we all have been hearing about the news that Apple will launch its own car between 2025 and 2027. A recent news claim that renowned carmaker Hyundai is in talks with Apple for their upcoming project. Korean carmaker Hyundai Motor has amended the issued statement twice since the initial announcement, writes Bloomberg.

First the Korean carmaker had confirmed that Apple Inc. has requested for a potential cooperation to develop and build a self-driving car. Whereas, after a few hours Hyundai has revised the statement by removing the reference to Apple. This has sparked a matter of discussion questioning the validity of the news.

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So what were we expecting from this contract? Well as per the reports, this contract was based on developing a self-driving car. The ultimate goal was to work on a self-driving car but there were no confirmation on the fuel type of the car, which means is not known whether it would have been a electric car or a normal petrol/diesel car.

Recently, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has come out and stated that mass production of the upcoming Apple car can be delayed until “2028 or later.” This delay is major because of three reasons. Firstly, uncertainty about the timing. Secondly, uncertainty about the supplier & vehicle’s specifications and lastly uncertainty about the competitiveness in the Electric vehicle market. Referring to the earlier reports, Ming-Chi Kuo stated that the market is “too bullish about Apple Car”. 

According to GSMArena, “Hyundai Motor formed a $4 billion joint venture with a General Motors spin-off, Aptiv, focused on developing self-driving cars. This is just part of the $55 billion investment that will be made over the next five years on projects related to electric and autonomous vehicles. The company aims to sell 1 million electric cars by 2025.”

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