Relaunch of PUBG Mobile India is Confirmed, hint in teaser of PUBG Mobile India

According to the reports, the PUBG Mobile relaunch is confirmed and it could be launched in the second or third week of this month. A new trailer of the game has been uploaded on YouTube, which hints at its comeback in India very soon.

But few resources are hinting that it may come in March. James Yang, Director of PUBG Mobile said in a video about PUBG Mobile Esports’s roadmap in 2021. The company is going to make around $100 million of investment in India.

PUBG Mobile India Download Link:

After the ban in the country, the PUBG team has confirmed multiple times that all the personal data of Indian players will be securely stored this time. The company also assured that they will conduct a regular basis verification on the storage system to reinforce the security.

The available link of the PUBG Mobile India will take you to the Korean version. Many players use a VPN to play the game. The Indian Government hasn’t revoked the ban yet. So, playing the game with this link available now is illegal.

PUBG Mobile India Release Date:

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According to the trailer on YouTube, PUBG could be released between 15 to 19 January. All these are assumptions, nothing is confirmed yet by the company or any officials. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology will check the app and analyze the policies of the company and then it can grant permission if all the conditions are satisfied.

PUBG Mobile India Investments:

PUBG Mobile India is offering Rs. 6 crores for cash prizes and will also offer the tier 1 teams, with a salary of Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 2 lakh. There will be an additional cash prize for the maximum number of headshots, maximum foot travel distance, etc.

To make the comeback in India, PUBG Corp. did cut off their partnership with Tencent and now the game is coming in India with signing a deal with Microsoft, where all the data will be stored in Azure.



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