How to customize your own LAVA ‘My Z’ smartphone in 66 different ways?

LAVA has announced four new smartphones yesterday in India under Rs.10,000 price range. The phone names go as Z1, Z2, Z4, and Z6. Among these phones, the Z1 and Z2 are a bit different from each other whereas the Z4 and Z6 are almost similar to the Z2. The Z4 and Z6 are different in storage options and price from Z2 but otherwise, both the smartphones are similar in all aspects. Read the detailed article on all four smartphones here.

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The company has also announced a new concept named ‘MyZ’ where it allows users to customize their own smartphones and then buy them. Now if you are thinking about what are we talking about and what is MyZ then hold on, we are here to answer all your doubts.


The above image represents the 5 step process of the building of a customized MyZ phone. Let’s see what are the steps by following which we can build our own smartphone.

Step 1: Click on this link that will lead you to the MyZ page of LAVA.

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Step 2: On this page, you can see there are several options that have a ‘+’ button beside them. Click on the ‘+’ button beside the first option that is the Rear Camera. Here you will have two types of rear camera option that includes a dual and a triple rear camera setup. The two rear camera options are 13MP + 2MP and 13MP + 5MP + 2MP. Now chole any one of them and click ‘Click to Continue’.

Step 3: Then click on the ‘+’ button beside the Front Camera and here you will have two options which are 8MP and 16MP. Now here is an interesting thing, if in the previous step you chose a dual rear camera then you will see two front camera options which are 8MP and 16MP, but if you chose triple rear camera only the 16MP front camera option will be visible here. Then select anyone and click on ‘Click to Continue’.

Step 4: Now we have to select the RAMs between 3GB, 4GB and 6GB options. Then click on ‘Click to Continue’ to proceed.

Step 5: Now select the ROM among 32GB, 64GB and 128GB options then proceed.

Step 6: This is the last step to customize where we have to choose the colour of the phone between Red and Blue colours.

After following all the above steps we come to see the final pricing of the phone. But if you are thinking what about the other specifications of the phone like the processor, display size an type, battery, charging and etc. then we will suggest you to wait for a bit as we will also come to that point in the article ahead. So now let’s keep this in mind that with the highest price range goes upto Rs.10,699 if we chose all the highest available specifications from the options, whereas, the price drops down to Rs.6,999 with the lowest specifications available.

Now coming to the remaining information for the smartphone, it is already preset for all the other specifications of the customizable models. Like Processor, display, battery, charging etc. Let’s see all the information from the below slide shows.

All these phone will be available from LAVA myZ website on 11th January.

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