There won’t be any 300 series motherboards from intel anymore

Intel did not have a very year in the form of 2020. It not only had to face the low production yields from its facilities due to the pandemic. But also that the company had to face defeat in the desktop-CPU segment at the hands of its rival AMD.

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Though the company is performing extremely well in the Notebook segment things might take a turn for the worse after CES 2021. Recently, the company announced that the 300 chipset series will no longer be shipped starting from January 28 next year. The products based on 300 series, including Z390, Z370, H370, B360, H310, B365, H310D, and mobile QMS380 motherboards have officially entered the discontinuation period starting from yesterday.

The news is extremely shocking because recently intel has been in a frenzy of discontinuing some of its products which failed to make an impact in the market. we already know what is the fate of Intel’s 9th generation Core series. It was discontinued a month ago and now the 300 series motherboard is also discontinued. It simply means that there will be no more CPUs that will be released based on this socket.

At CES 2021, Intel is set to announce its 500 series motherboards and the new motherboards will support the 10th Gen Core Comet Lake-S series as well as the 11th Gen Core Rocket Lake-S chips, although only the latter will benefit from the PCIe Gen4 interface standard.

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