Microsoft is testing its news One Outlook app

According to sources, the software giant Microsoft is testing a new Outlook app to replace its built-in Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 10. The mail and calendar apps have been separate to this day and it seems that the Windows maker is looking to combine the apps. The new software in testing is codenamed Monarch and “One Outlook,” the app is “a new version of Outlook designed for large-screen experiences.”

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According to the leak, we know that the app requires a Microsoft account to fully function properly. Rumors suggest that the One Outlook app will replace desktop (win32 and UWP) versions of Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA), and the macOS desktop client. Microsoft is also hosting the full web version of this new Outlook online.

One app to rule them all, to find them, and together bind them.”

The single desktop client of the app will be based on the web version of Outlook. As for now, it is indicated that the app only works in online mode. As to whether the company will decide to include an offline mode for the app remains to be seen. for now, the new upcoming app is in test mode and is highly unstable. And we all know that using unstable apps from Microsoft requires braveheart.

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As for now, we can only tell that a stable version of the new app might only come in the second half of 2021. And a worldwide wide release of the new app is expected to be in 2022. Let’s see what Windows 10 will be in the year 2022.



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