NIO reports record-high increase in its EV sales for Q4 of 2020

In the market of Electric Vehicles, NIO is extremely famous and has a record of always keeping its sales in the profit margin. The company reported that the year 2020 had been extremely beneficial for it, and it managed to make a 100 percent-plus jump in fourth-quarter deliveries of 2020.

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According to sources, NIO delivered 7,007 EVs in December 2020, including 2,493 units of the ES6 model, 2,009 units of the ES8 model, and 2,505 units of the EC6 model. The surprising part is that the total sales amount to 120% that of the previous year.

However, in the fourth quarter, the company delivered 17,253 EVS and gained a growth of 111% relative to the comparable quarter last year. In 2020’s fourth quarter the company managed to deliver 43,728 vehicles, but in the fourth quarter of 2020, it delivered between, 16,500 and 17,000 models.

The announcement comes at a very crucial time as the company is currently diverting all its sources to its important NIO Day event which will be held on 09th of January 2021. Reports indicate that the company is gearing to launch its first Sedan at the event along with its 150-kWh battery pack at the event.

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The Chinese manufacturer had a profitable year in the form of 2020, and for the new year, it has very high ambition. NIO wants to go beyond its market in China and expand its business in the European continent for the year 2021. As to whether it will achieve success remains to be seen.



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