A few months ago, Huawei had announced the Kirin 9000 chipset, which comes in two variants: Kirin 9000 and Kirin 9000E. This chipset has only been used in the Mate 40 series. Recently, another leak has popped up regarding the next flagship chipset from Huawei and it is said to be the Kirin 9010. The most important thing that we’ve come to know regarding the chipset is that it will be a 3nm chipset. So, from the 5nm processor of the Kirin 9000 to the 3nm processor of the upcoming Kirin 9010 is definitely a big improvement.

After the announcement of the Kirin 9000 chipset from Huawei, Samsung launched its Exynos 1080 processor so Qualcomm launched the Snapdragon 888 chipset. But one common thing between them is all of them stick to the 5nm process. That’s why Huawei is about to release its next Kirin 9010 chipset with a 3nm process to get a good response from the market and like its predecessor. We were expecting that the Kirin 9010 chipset will make its appearance this year whereas recently, some rumors are popping out, saying that this might not be there in which Kirin 9010 will be launched. If rumors become true, then we have to wait a little more to welcome the Kirin 9010, possibly in 2022.

As per reports, the 3nm node (“N3” as the company calls it) of this chipset looks quite impressive as it will increase transistor density by a whopping 70%. It is expected that the new node will be able to save power by 25-30% and will increase the performance by 10-15%.

Apart from Huawei, there are other chipset manufacturers all over the world who are about to manufacture chipsets based on the 3nm process. As per some reports, Qualcomm is about to announce the elder sibling of its SD 888 chipset, named Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+, which should be a 5nm processor with a higher clock speed. On the other hand, Samsung has been reported to launch a chipset of a 3nm process in 2021.

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