ASUS announces an increase in the company’s PC components

In the year 2020, we had some amazing products being announced and launched. But the problem started in the second half of 2020, and it was regarding the supply constraint of the newly launched devices. The demand increased by ten folds and the OEMs could not meet the demands by their power supply. As such, the prices on certain products increased extremely in the market.

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The recent announcement made by ASUS has everyone in the PC world shocked, especially us users. The company announced an increase in price for all PC components, including graphics cards and motherboards.

We already suffered from the fact that after AMD and Nvidia released their mouth-watering products, we could not lay our hands on them. The only thing we could do is enjoy the leaks and rumors and watch other people purchase it. So, suffocating.

But the year 2021 has barely begun, and ASUS, one of the top PC components suppliers, announced increasing its prices. It looks like the beginning of the new year isn’t off to a great start.

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ASUS has announced that they will be changing the MSRPs of all PC components including graphics cards and motherboards in 2021. Following is the message posted by ASUS:

“Update regarding MSRP pricing for ASUS components in 2021.”

“This update applies to graphics cards and motherboards*”

“We have an announcement in regards to MSRP price changes that are effective in early 2021 for our award-winning series of graphic cards and motherboards. Our new MSRP reflects increases in cost for components. operating costs, and logistical activities plus a continuation of import tariffs. We worked closely with our supply and logistic partners to minimize price increases. ASUS greatly appreciates your continued business and support as we navigate through this time of unprecedented market change.”

“*additional models may see an increase as we moved further into Q1.”

We can up with right now for the price increase because NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series and AMD Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards are still scarce in the market. come one, RED and Green team, fix the issue of the dams already.



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