Ariel, the solar-powered robot will make its debut at CES 2021

The huge waves of tech bring evolution in our lifestyle too. The robotics industry continuously working to make our life easier and better with the help of their products. Nowadays, there are robots that automatically do our day-to-day jobs, like home cleaning.

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The main focus of this post, Ariel is that kind of robot, but more advanced and intelligent. But instead of cleaning the home, it is capable of cleaning pools. On the other hand, it generates the required power from solar. Just land Ariel on your pool surface, turn the power button on, and that’s it. To witness the live demonstration, we have to wait till the CES 2021 grand event which will start on 11th January.

Ariel Pool Cleaning Robot

Ariel is specially designed to clean almost all kind of dirt you can find in a pool. The maker of Ariel, Solar Breeze, claims that this robot can remove up to 95% of dirt, leaves, pollen, dust, hair, oil, and the list goes on. As the device is solar-powered, the owner can save the fuel cost too.

Paul Sim, the Vice President of Pivot-Solar Breeze said, “Automated surface cleaning is becoming recognized throughout the pool industry as a critical part of pool maintenance and greatly contributes to having a clean and healthy swimming pool,”  He further added, “Ariel is the culmination of years of engineering and consumer feedback to produce the quintessential, future-focused pool cleaning device that brings a whole new level of intelligence, beauty and performance to the robotic surface cleaning category.”

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