AMD overtakes Intel in Desktop-CPU segment in PassMark

The news covered in today’s article is both surprising and was expected for a long time. As we know Intel is the undisputed leader in the CPU segment in both the laptop and desktop environment. It is the brand that is like the Windows of CPU. the company’s processors are found in almost all the PC devices and occupies a wider market share than its rival AMD.

AMD overtakes Intel in Desktop-CPU segment
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But the latest report from PassMark indicates that things have finally changed. The company’s report indicates that for Q1 2021, AMD has taken a 50.8 percent share of the worldwide desktop CPU market, leaving Intel with 49.2 percent. It is the first time that AMD has ever crossed Intel since Q1 of 2006 when it occupied a 53.9 percent lead.

Speaking of the Laptop segment, Intel is still way ahead of AMD. It currently occupies 83.8 percent share while AMD sits on 16.3 percent. But the difference is nothing when we compare the market share in the server space. Intel occupies a whopping 98.6 percent market share whereas AMD has just 1.4 percent.

But the news of AMD crossing Intel in the desktop segment has to be one of the biggest news we have heard in recent times. We already know that in 2020, AMD has managed to become a favorite choice of PC users whereas Intel has been slowly losing its charm. Moreover, the company’s Ryzen processors have been a pain in the neck for intel since their launch.

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The latest inline processors of team red based on their Zen-3 architecture is the most amazing thing to happen in recent times. As to how intel will respond to this new development remains to be seen.



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