NAMUTECH holds its ‘Smart DX Solution’ product suite launch at CES 2021

Press Release –

NAMUTECH, a cloud expert company in South Korea, launched its Smart DX Solution, a full-stack digital transformation product suite, on the 11th of January at CES 2021, the world’s largest IT electronics show held from the 11th to 14th of January.

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With constant changes across all industry scenes, it is becoming essential for organizations to adopt the cloud, big data, AI, and smart city technologies. It is also a trend for many organizations utilize multiple technologies simultaneously as these technologies are interdependent.

Smart DX Solution is a full-stack digital transformation technology that efficiently operates customers’ digital innovation with the cloud, big data, artificial intelligence, and smart city. Smart DX Solution will allow enterprises to flexibly and promptly adapt to these new solutions with the complete PaaS and IaaS from the Smart Cloud, and they will be able to run their new technologies or applications with the Smart Big Data, Smart AI, or Smart City.

NAMUTECH holds its ‘Smart DX Solution’ product suite launch at CES 2021

Smart Cloud provides the core platform for the cloud infrastructure. Users can manage their platform components and run their applications according to the cloud-native environment.

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Smart Big Data provides various convergence analysis from visualization solutions to text mining and data mining machine learning statistics.

Smart AI develops products using machine learning and data, improves business productivity, and achieves successful digital innovation for customers.

Smart City provides a platform for solving diverse city problems and storing city data to realize a convenient city life through AI and big data technology analysis.

NAMUTECH CEO Chul Jung said, “NAMUTECH developed Cocktail Cloud, an
enterprise cloud-native platform. With Cocktail Cloud as the platform, we applied it in
different digital transformation fields, mainly big data, artificial intelligence, and smart cities, to create the Smart DX Solution.” He also added, “We will continue to
boost our technology to provide a competitive digital environment to meet the latest
enterprise needs.”

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