Indian Government is planning to provide free access to all Scientific journals

The Scientific Journals, available on the internet wants a subscription to access till now. For those who already have the subscription or planning to get access, good news for you all. The Indian Government is planning to make the journals freely available to everyone, without any subscription.

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To do so, the Indian Government is preparing to take a yearly subscription of all the important scientific journals available across the world in bulk amount. Obviously, for that, the government has to spend a few hundred crores on yearly basis.

The entire proposal has been made in the draft Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy. It is published in the public on this New Year.

The move by the Indian Government is named “One Nation, One Subscription” and expected it could be the game-changer for the scientists and researcher community in India as they can save a huge amount and utilize that in other parts. You need to know that there are over 3,000 to 4,000 scientific journals with a very high impact on the field.

Indian Government is planning to provide free access to all Scientific
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The Ministry of Science and Technology, the publisher of the policy, further proposed to form a new Science, Technology, and Innovation Observatory which will be responsible as a repository for all data generated from the Indian researches.

Lastly, the “One Nation, One Subscription” policy also promotes the goal of “Atmanirbhar Bharat”. “A two-way approach of indigenous development of technology as well as technology indigenisation will be adopted,” it reads. “Greater emphasis will be given on promoting traditional knowledge systems, developing indigenous technologies and encouraging grassroots innovations,”


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