Patents of Xiaomi’s two new Surround Display smartphone surfaced


Xiaomi has earlier launched a smartphone, named Mi MIX Alpha that shook the whole smartphone world with its surrounded display design. This was not a regular call from Xiaomi to hit a mass-production of this device, it was just a concept then. It was reported as well that Xiaomi is looking to sell a limited quantity of smartphones in China.

Recently, Xiaomi has come up with a new patent that shows a similar smartphone like the Mi MIX Alpha with a surrounded display. But this time, it is expected to feature pop-up cameras. Let’s find out more about this. Xiaomi has shared 16 sketches of the upcoming smartphone with its detailed design. Those images belong to a patent that was applied by Xiaomi back in April this year and got published on December 18, 2020.

First Design | Credit: LETSGODIGITAL

Recently, Xiaomi has shared patents regarding its upcoming surrounded display smartphones, showing that there will be two upcoming smartphones from Xiaomi to feature surrounded displays. Let’s talk about the design of those two smartphones one by one.

As per the first sketch, that phone’s display wraps around from top to bottom, giving it an elliptical shape. It looks different from what we’ve found on the Mi MIX Alpha (side to side design). This phone will feature two separate screens on either side holding a horizontal quad-rear camera setup on the rear side supported by a dual-LED flash and there is a microphone as well.

Second Design | Credit: LETSGODIGITAL

The second design looks more rounded than the first one. The camera module looks different as well, as it includes a triple rear camera setup with no LED flash or microphone. For having the elliptical design, the first smartphone looks slimmer than the second one.


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