Apple patents new keyboard for Mac

Apple has been continuously innovating in the year 2020, as it happens the company has prepared more surprises which it plans to launch in the year 2021. Reports indicate that the company has patented a new type of Mac keyboard.

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Sources report that the US Patent & Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent for a “reconfigurable” Mac keyboard. The keyboard is built with a small display for each key, allowing the keyboard to show different characters according to the user’s preferences.

Although the idea is much similar to that of a touch bar, reports indicate that the keyboard has more to it than what meets the eye. The physical keys of the keyboard are present, but the keyboard contains a super small display for each key instead of regular engraved labels.

The user may, for example, desire to switch a keyboard between a first format (e.g., an English-language format) and a second format (e.g., a Greek-language format). In response to user input to switch the keyboard, control circuitry in an electronic device can adjust the key labels being displayed by the key displays from English letters to Greek letters, thereby switching the keyboard from the first format to the second format.

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The purpose of the display to make the user adjust the keyboard according to their usage. Like different users prefer different keyboard layouts based on their purpose. such as a specific layout for games, programming, or video editing. Apple could also create a single keyboard model to be used worldwide as the keys of this new keyboard would be able to show different characters based on users’ settings.



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