Boston dynamic robots dance to the groove

We saw a lot of strange stuff in 2020, but the video launched by Boston Dynamic on the eve of a new year might just be the craziest thing we have ever seen. Boston Dynamics is famous for the production of its Atlas and Spot robots, and the family of these robots does a lot of crazy stuff. They can sprint, do gymnastics, perform parkour, and even do back-flips, which most of us have tried but failed.

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Boston Dynamics was founded in 1992 as a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where it became known for its dog-like quadrupedal robots (most notably, the DARPA-funded BigDog, a precursor to the company’s first commercial robot, Spot.)

But in the latest video posted by the company, we can see the robots do something extra-ordinary. In the video, we can see our future companions rocking the dance floor. In the video below, we can see Boston Dynamics’ entire lineup of robots — the humanoid Atlas, the dog-shaped Spot, and the box-juggling Handle — all come together in a coordinated dance routine set to The rhythm of “Do You Love Me.”

In 2018, we had seen the video of the company’s Spot robot doing the Running Man to “Uptown Funk”. But in the new video, Boston Dynamics has taken things up to the next level. The best part is seeing Atlas tearing up the dance floor.

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