5 Effective ways to Increase the Battery life of your Smartphone

Have you ever faced difficulty managing the battery life of your smartphone? Have you ever felt that if your smartphone could last longer without charging again, how convenient it would have been for you? Whenever you have to go out for a day, you have to carry the extra weight of a power bank or any other portable charger. How great it could have been if you can make your smartphone run a few more hours without charging it again?

Today, we are going to discuss 5 ways through which you can increase the battery life of your smartphone.

1. Turn your mobile location/GPS off

We constantly use multiple applications on our smartphone which demands access to our location. Turning your GPS location on helps you using these applications but at the same time, it consumes a lot of battery. Thus, resulting in speedy loss of your battery life. 

To turn off your GPS location, go to settings and turn off ‘location’. This will aid in conserving a great deal of the battery life of your device.

2. Reduce your screen brightness

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If your smartphone is draining very quickly, brightness can be one of the most important reasons! High brightness leads to a loss of battery life easily, especially for devices with sharper screens. This is because of more pixels. What you can do in this? Reduce the brightness of your device. 

If you are outside, using your smartphone in sunlight, then you have to increase the brightness so that screen can be visible. But other than that, keep the brightness of your device on a lower side.

3. Put a dark wallpaper

This might sound odd, but putting a bright wallpaper with a lot of colours does consume the battery life of your device faster. A display with many colours will eat up more energy of your battery. Similarly, stay away from using moving or animated wallpapers. These wallpapers are very tempting to put on but they will drain your battery very fast. 

4. Limit applications those are running in the background

Even if you have closed the apps does not mean that they are not running in the background. Thus, they keep on eating a part of your battery life thus draining it faster. To refrain your apps from doing so, click on Settings > Apps & Notifications and tap Advanced > Battery > Background restriction.

5. Keep your phone on silent and lower the volume

Why? This is because whenever your smartphone rings due to a call or beeps due to a message, it has to generate energy to buzz. This energy generation drains your battery. Thus, to avoid your device to do it, you can just keep your phone on silent mode. Also try to keep the media volume low as possible and use headphone while accessing any media content.


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