TCL faces allegations for planted backdoors in its units

TCL is a name that is becoming a common norm in our homes. Recently the company has ventured into the US with its Android TV and its widely famous Roku and has made the United States its second-biggest market. But with great powers, comes great responsibilities, and it is so true in the case of TCL.

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Recent reports from the US media states that the company has alleged backdoors that harm the data security of its users. The planted-backdoors was found in the large units which were supposed to be delivered to its American Sales partners. The company of course denies the allegations.

TCL stated that it adheres to all applicable laws, standards, requirements, and guidelines in distributing TVs throughout the US. It further stated that the software which is installed in its media units is made by Google. Yeah like it’s not hard to put malware in Android.

TCL is being charged with planting backdoors because most of the company’s suppliers are Chinese-based firms and we already know the budding relationship between the US and China.

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The company has seen unprecedented growth in its TV segment as did several other companies. The latest allegations indicate that the company is either in cahoot with the Chinese government or is being made a target by them to harm the US. Whatever might be the reason, of the allegations are proved than the company will suffer heavy losses.


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