HBO Max and Disney+ sees an increase in subscribers after the huge movie release

During the pandemic, we had access to millions of content online to pass our time, and it was all thanks to digital streaming services. As such the OTT platforms saw an increase in their value and their subscriber base increased to new heights. But, this month the value of digital content platforms seems to have increased even more.

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With the release of new movies came the need to subscribe to the OTT platforms to get an exclusive look at them from the comfort of our homes. Wonder Woman 1984 is released exclusively for HBO Max and has set a single-day record for downloads of its mobile app. From Friday to Sunday, an estimated 5,54,000 users have signed up for the app and the app downloads crossed over 2,44,000 downloads on Sunday alone.

HBO Max and Disney+ sees an increase in subscribers after the huge movie release

It’s not only the HBO Max but also Walt Disney’s Disney+ streaming service that had seen an increase in popularity and downloads this holiday season. According to reports, about 2.3 million global installations of the app have been reported over the Christmas holiday.

The increase in the popularity of Disney+ is attributed to the release of the Pixar animated feature Soul. The film was released on Disney+ on Christmas Day and has managed to attract a huge fan-base for the service.

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The growth which HBO Max and Disney+ have shown is extremely important to Hollywood executives. As the industry has been suffering from a lack of movie release due to the pandemic. And if the digital release of their movies can help them to generate profits, then we might be seeing even more big titles to hit out mobile screens soon.



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