Tesla to finally add support for Apple Music in its Electric cars

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Tesla’s vehicles are getting adopted by more citizens across the globe. Its smart user interface offers various features and comes with support for many application software that the users can use on the go. But, Tesla’s software still lacked the support for the widely popular Apple Music service, which was not a hurdle, but we still like to have a choice. The latest software update from the manufacturer seems to have fixed the issue.

Apple Music is being adopted by the industry as a streaming platform for its cars. The latest update indicates that Tesla is working on bringing Apple’s music streaming platform to its electric vehicles.

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For a long time, the streaming competitors of Apple Music were already housed in Tesla’s electric cars, and it seems that Apple Music is finally getting a shot to claim the prize. Since earlier, Spotify has been the main source of listening to music on a Tesla and there is no other music streaming service available for Tesla other than Spotify on its Infotainment system. Not only Apple Music, but Tidal or Amazon Music also isn’t available. But, Tesla announced at its Battery Day presentation that it will be adding support for other music streaming services, particularly Tidal.

According to sources, the latest software update will not only bring support for Apple Music to Tesla’s infotainment system but will also, support Tidal and Amazon Music. Apart from Tesla, Apple music is also featured in the Porsche Taycan model.

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As we already know that Apple is in work of building its Autonomous car, and is already in the finishing stages. And if we know Apple, which we do, it will only allow its streaming service to be housed inside its electric car. Apple is known to be cruel in terms of crushing its competitors. It smells like another lawsuit is on its way after the launch of the Apple Car.


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