Now create customized Widgets on your iOS 14 devices with Flex Widget

Apple users are enjoying the experience provided to them by Apple’s iOS 14. It is giving them an option to customize their home screen with several live-widgets of their own choice. Due to this, we have seen a large influx of third-party app builders. These applications help in creating customized widgets for iOS 14. Different applications offer you a variety of options to build a widget of your satisfaction. But what if there is one application that does not show any advertisements or has no in-app purchases and offers a lot of variety in customizing your widgets? We are talking about Flex Widget. There are many widget-creator apps currently present but none of them is like the Flex Widgets application.

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The application recently hit the Apple Store. Its size is 6.1 MB. Even though it does not hinder the user’s experience by showing advertisements but its services can only be availed at a price of Rs 179 or $1.99. 

Flex Widget offers you to create and edit your widgets as per your wish. If you want emoticons on your widgets, you can put them. If you want images on your widgets, you can put them. If you want to put only texts, you can put them. There are no boundaries on how you want to create your widget. Whether it’s a small or a large widget pallet, you can put anything like shapes, text, emoticons, etc. You can change the order of widgets, their alignment, size, and all the other properties. We are sure, all the artistic users will absolutely love this application!

If you believe that you have done an exemplary job in creating the widget, you can show it to the world as well. Your shared widget will be available on the “Inspiration” section for the rest of the people to see. Thus, using Apple’s iOS 14 offers you to completely customize how you want to see things which is a very new, unique, and attractive feature.

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