You might face PC supply shortage till 2022

The year 2020 has been a disaster in the history of our generation. We are suffering from the ongoing pandemic onslaught, surviving through boring lockdowns, and most remarkably, struggling to buy PCs and laptops in the market.

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According to sources, the PCs and Laptops’ supply problem is not going to be solved anytime soon. Some analysts even claim that the problem may extend till 2022. As the world took to work from home, the demand for laptops and PCs have increased. These days, kids are taking online classes in their MacBooks; heck, I didn’t even know what Android was when I was in high school. Of course, now I am an expert!

On a serious note, if the supply problem extends until 2022, we as consumers are looking at dire situations ahead. There will be a shortage of supply of your favorite products, and the price for the devices will jump sky-high. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that the company’s are not making enough sales. It merely means that they are not able to meet the growing market demand. Stop being greedy, people.

Many families had looked to install at least one PC for children and students in their homes with the various government enforcing local lockdowns. Gadgets like tablets and Chromebooks have been making a name for themselves in the market recently. Even the gaming industry grew as the number of gamers and related hardware also saw growth.

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Many companies and manufacturers are struggling to stock up inventory to keep up with the high demand. As to whether they will be able to meet the needs is not yet known. The issue lies with the PCs and Laptop supply and the collection of GPUs and CPUs. As to when the tech giants will recover their supply market remains to be seen.



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