KFConsole is real and built by Cooler Master with a dedicated Chicken Chamber

In this holiday season, when everybody is hunting for a console and can find one, out of nowhere, the name KFConsole comes up. Yes, you are not mistaken, a gaming console by KFC and that too keeping its love towards chicken by making a unique console with a dedicated Chicken Chamber.

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It is said to have forged from the fires of the KFC ovens and built by Cooler Master from the ground up, which is indeed sound funny and just a marketing line. It is said to give you a 4K gaming experience at 240fps, which again seems to be more than overwhelming.

KFC without chicken makes no sense, so the Chicken Chamber utilizes the systems natural heat and airflow system and helps enjoy hot, crispy chicken between gaming. Wait for a second, like you I am also stunned hearing this, roasting chicken with heat generated while gaming?

When it sounded too good for me, Cooler Master did actually show the design of the so-called KFConsole. There’s a custom Cooler Master NC100 chassis, which houses an Intel NUC 9 Extreme Compute Element powered by a 9th Gen Core i9 CPU. For graphics, you have GPUs from Asus, and the GPU slot is “hot-swappable GPU slot”, or say an upgradable one in simple words.

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For storage you have two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSD and the console is said to deliver 4K gaming experience on TV at 240fps, sounds too good for my ears. Also, the system is said to be VR-ready as well as support ray tracing.

As for now, there’s nothing about pricing and actual availability but for sure this will be a great marketing campaign for KFC and all brands associated with it.

Check out the KFConsole page here.

Raunak Saha
A cs engineer by profession but foodie from heart. I am tech lover guy who has a passion for singing. Football is my love and making websites is my hobby.

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