MSI is all geared up for CES 2021 with its redesigned GS76 Stealth Model and Summit E16 Flip

As we already know, due to COVID, the CES 2021 will be held online, which means no in-house attendance. I am sure everyone is disappointed, but as Tom Cruise recently shouted in the news, safety is essential. Coming back to CES 2021, we have found many MSI and AMD products present in the CES Honourees.

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And that proves the reason why MSI recently announced 15 CES 2021 awards for its upcoming products. Sources indicate that some of the category’s product includes a redesigned GS Stealth model and a new addition to the Summit business notebook lineup.

Let’s talk about the GS Stealth gaming laptop. The upcoming 17-inch GS76 Stealth model, unlike the GS75 predecessor, looks perfect and doesn’t contain the awful gold hinges that its predecessor came with. But to our dismay, MSI does not mention the exact CPU or GPU specs. It only hinted at “the latest Intel processors and Nvidia graphics.”

But, for some reason, the company has revealed that the machine includes Thunderbolt 4. If that is the case, we can expect to see some Tiger Lake-H action coupled with the RTX 3000 mobile GPUs on these models.

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The next machine that caught our eye is the latest Summit lineup, the E16 Flip. And the device is Intel EVO certified. So guess the specs, guys. We have, drum rolls please, Tiger Lake powered machine, Thunderbolt 4 support, and Intel Xe integrated GPU. There is also a hidden secret that the processor is combined with “GTX discrete graphics.” Sources indicate that, most likely, GTX 1660 Ti cards will be included in the Summit E16 Flip model. Both models will be showcased on January 13 at CES 2021, and hopefully, we will get some price points. This year’s CES 2021 is online due to COVID, so stay home, stay safe, and enjoy the show.



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