Here are the Best Android Apps 2020 on Google Play Store

2020, till now was a crucial year to all of us, condemnation to the coronavirus outbreak. During this time period, our daily habits changed mostly, the maximum of the offline jobs shifted to online, demand for online entertainment hiked, and so on. Currently, we are standing at the edge of 2020 and it’s important, to figure out which android applications become the best. Google, as always did the job for us. The result is as follows.

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Excluding the games, Google splits the apps into 7 different categories – Best App, Users’ choice app, best everyday essentials, best for personal growth, best hidden gems, best for fun, and best app for good. Google collects votes throughout November to get the best users’ choice application. Lest’s begin from the bottom.

Best App for Good…

From the category name, hope you already get what exactly these type of applications do. If not, these apps address and handle the most critical and universal issue in society i.e. mental health.

Time to disclose the winner, it’s InnerHour Self-Care Therapy. It’s a complete package with self-care courses and tools. Most importantly, no one needs to spend a single penny to access the app.

Best for Fun…

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Well, very tough competition in this section. Five applications managed to secure the same, the topmost position in the list.

Pratilipi FM is one of the five applications and points to note, it’s the only not related to videos. This platform provides free audio stories, books, and podcasts to enthusiasts.

The next two apps are the replacements of the banned Chinese application TikTok. The names are Moj and MX TakaTak. Both are capable of making short videos.

Coming to the fourth one, Reface. Users can replace their faces with stars in various GIFs. The app brings the premium feature to each one’s fingertip.

The last one is Vita, a free yet powerful video editing app. To know, why the app is on the best app list, I recommend trying it once.

Best hidden Gems…

Like the earlier category, this one also contains five applications. This type of mobile software help users to master their skills. Look at those, you will understand clearly.

The first one is Chef Buddy that joins hands with the home chefs as well as food businesses to give a boost on their particular tracks. The second one, Finshots is a stop with well written and easy to follow articles on finance and business around the globe. Next comes Flyx, it’s a streaming social media based on movies and shows. That means it can help you to find out what to watch and where to watch.

At the 4th place, goDutch is breathing. It’s very helpful to split bills among your friends and groups. The last one is Meditate with Wysa. If anyone needs any digital help to relax with sleep meditation it can be one of the best recommendations.

Users’ Choice…

As I said earlier, Google opened the voting section last month for this particular category. There were a total of ten heavyweight nominees like Vita, MX TakaTak, and Dolby On, but the best is best. For 2020, the title goes to Microsoft Office.

The Best App of 2020 >>

Now, time for the best application. Point to note, Google itself pick this based on its own analysis. The best Android Application of 2020 is Meditate with Wysa, which also comes under the Best Hidden Gems list.

Rather than these five, there are two other categories – Best Everyday Essentials and Best for Personal Growth, and each one contains five applications; here are those.

  • Best Everyday Essentials
    • Koo
    • Microsoft Office
    • The Pattern
    • Zelish
    • Zoom
  • Best for Personal Growth
    • Apna – Job Search App
    • Bolkar App
    • Mindhouse
    • MyStore
    • Writco

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