AOC announced two new gaming monitors to be available from this month

Due to the pandemic, the demand for digital gaming has increased. As such, the gaming accessories manufacturing companies have seen a sudden increase in their profits. We have already seen many OEMs releasing various powerful and high-performing gaming accessories in the past few months. With the launch of the next-gen consoles, the manufacturing industries are in a race to have their products hit the market as soon as possible.

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AOC just announced yet more gaming monitors to be launched this year. The two 31.5-inch monitors announced by the company are called the C32G2AE and CQ32G2SE. The two are the same monitor, but they vary in their resolution. The CQ32G2SE offers up to 1,440 (QHD), while the C32G2AE maxes out at 1080p.

The specs of the products are given below:

Size class31.5 in (inches)
Diagonal801 mm (millimeters)
80.1 cm (centimeters)
31.5354 in (inches)
2.628 ft (feet)
Width698.4 mm (millimeters)
69.84 cm (centimeters)
27.4961 in (inches)
2.2913 ft (feet)
Height392.85 mm (millimeters)
39.285 cm (centimeters)
15.4665 in (inches)
1.2889 ft (feet)
Radius of curvature1500 mm (millimeters)
150 cm (centimeters)
59.0551 in (inches)
4.9213 ft (feet)
Panel typeVA
Panel bit depth8 bits
Colors16777216 colors
24 bits
Aspect ratio1.778:1
Resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Full HD / 1080p
Pixel pitch0.364 mm (millimeters)
0.0364 cm (centimeters)
0.0143 in (inches)
0.0012 ft (feet)
Pixel density69 ppi (pixels per inch)
27 ppcm (pixels per centimeter)
Display area90.82 % (percent)
sRGBsRGB 123 % (percent)
Adobe RGB (1998)91 % (percent)
Brightness250 cd/m² (candela per square meter)
Static contrast3000 : 1
Dynamic contrast80000000 : 1
Horizontal viewing angle178 ° (degrees)
Vertical viewing angle178 ° (degrees)
Minimum response time1 ms (milliseconds)
0.0010 s (seconds)

The AOC C32G2AE and CQ32G2SE will be available in Europe later this month for €299 and €389, respectively. AOC will reportedly sell the C32G2AE for £249 in the UK, with the CQ32G2SE priced at £329.

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