5 Ways to Keep Your Gaming Room Clean

Setting up a space for gaming is exciting and overwhelming. Individuals who are dedicated to their games even dedicate an entire room for gaming.

Passionate gamers even inculcate an all-consuming relationship with their ‘gaming room’. However, as they say, beginning a relationship is easy, maintaining it is difficult.

To help your relationship with your gaming room be relaxing, keeping surroundings clean is the first step.

Even though it seems tedious, changing a couple of thing in your gaming room would make it feel brand new while you are playing.

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For those wondering how to do it, we’ve listed 5 ways you can keep your gaming room neat and tidy!

1. Keep Your Hands Clean

The main medium which carries bacteria and viruses are your hands, so clean them up. Wash them before and after eating, and after your long gaming sessions, a quick rinse with soap will be beneficial towards keeping yourself devoid of any dirt or bacteria. 

It is also equally crucial to observe good personal hygiene practises. Avoid rubbing your eyes or trying to touch your face. This is especially true if you are using a shared computer or are in a common space while playing/working.

A realistic solution is to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer or some disinfectant wipes on your gaming room desk.

2. Invest In a Portable Air Purifier

Keeping your gaming setup and office tidy and rid of dirt, dust, and popcorn or chips/crisps is one thing, but it’s another to make sure the space smells good and doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re living in a pit.

Aside from just cleaning the dust, you can also keep the air clean with an air purifier. They remove all kinds of impurities and create a positive environment. Check out this article for some good recommendations.

There are countless choices to choose from, including those with true HEPA medical-grade filters and activated carbon filters. Both function together to absorb odours effortlessly and refresh the air around your gaming space.

3. Dust Your Area and Gear

Your gaming gear accumulates dirt and debris faster than you can think. Every few days, do a simple five-minute cleanup routine. Get a microfiber washcloth and do a swift wipe down of your stuff.

That involves the area of your desk, peripherals like your keyboard, the CPU, mousepad and the mouse, and your seat.

Here are some titbits for your gaming station clean-up:


A cotton bud is useful to clean your keyboard since it sits perfectly between each key. Give yourself a good sweep through and in no time you’ll be finished.


Grab a few toothpicks to clear the gunk between the crevices. Aside from that, don’t forget to also clean the outer casing of your mouse.


Use compressed air to quickly get rid of dust accumulated around your machine as well as its wiring.


After wiping off the desk with a cleaning solution, use compressed air to clean nooks and crannies. Don’t overlook underneath! You should also clean your desk drawers.


For leather chairs, simply wipe it with a microfiber towel and a little cleaning solution. Vacuum up chairs to conveniently clear away dust if your seat is made of cloth.

4. Manage the Cables

You may have cleared the dust or debris from your gaming station, but what about those mismanaged cables all around? Those can accumulate more dust particles. At the same time, you can also satisfy your OCD impulses by assembling and managing your cables.

Most often than not, the area underneath your desk can be used as a cable management compartment. Add a cable tray or raceway that lets you both direct and conceal cables.

5. Avoid Sneaky Snacking

If possible, do not put snacks near your gaming desk. It can attract roaches and other bugs through food scraps. Additionally, crumbs on your fingers may fall through the spaces of your keyboard.

All in all, keeping your game space clean will give you a next-level positive vibe. Make it a weekly task that you will religiously follow. 

Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.

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