EXCLUSIVE: Samin Ahmed from BlitzkriegXP tells us about eSports in India, PUBG alternatives and BXP’s future plans

BXP, short for, BlitzkriegXP, is India’s first-ever experiential Esports organisation which kickstarted in June 2020 with a vision to become a premier international Esports organisation. In a rather unorganised gaming industry, BlitzkriegXP recognises the massive potential the industry bears and intends to take Indian gaming talent to extraordinary heights.

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Soon after its inception, BlitzkriegXP hosted a data-driven PUBGM nationwide try-out that garnered massive traction and witnessed registration slots getting full in 5 mins!

BXP also participated in the PMCO Fall Split 2020 (PUBG Mobile Club Open), the biggest PUBG tournament in India and dominated right up to the finals with its PUBGM roster under the guidance of their PUBGM head coach, Vedang Chavan. However, ever since the PUBGM ban, BXP has revamped its strategy with a drive to own the void.

BlitzkriegXP is helmed by Samin ‘AceAthena12’ Ahmed, Diksha ‘AshkidOP’ Kathayat and Pallavi ‘DarthPVader’ Venugopal – all semi-professional gamers who got together during a session of PUBG. The camaraderie then turned into a business proposition with the help of Ranjeeta Joshi as the Business Head of BlitzkriegXP– forming an organization that explores the levels of opportunities offered by the gaming industry.    

In an exclusive interview with TechnoSports, Ms Samin ‘AceAthena12’ Ahmed, the Marketing Head of BlitzkriegXP has spoken about the eSports industry in India, alternatives to PUBG and BXP’s future plans

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We asked few questions to which Ms Samin Ahmed has answered. Here’s what she told us:

eSports in India and its future

The eSports industry is picking up in India with a momentum like never before. With game downloads increasing by 10x, the Indian mobile gaming market is projected to reach 628 million users by the end of 2020 positioning India to be the next major gaming market. The lockdown also brought about a huge spike in mobile gaming where people were seen to spend a great amount of time playing and streaming games at home.

Since the ban of PUBG Mobile, a lot of titles like COD Mobile and Valorant have benefitted by scooping in the traction. With multiple IPs being executed for Valorant, it seems to be the most promising esports title when it comes to PC gaming.

For mobile, Garena Free Fire has been flourishing in terms of content and gaming. The Free Fire India Championship 2020, a tournament whose finals brags 6.7 million views on YouTube, featured a prize pool of 35Lakh INR. In other news, 4 Indian teams are set to represent India at the COD Mobile World Championship.

Moreover, with the easing Covid lockdown, we might even get to attend the much-awaited LAN events sooner than imagined.

Alternatives to PUBG that Indian gamers are in love with

Since the ban, an extreme change in trend was observed. Viewers were no longer tuning into live streamers just for the sake of the fandom but for the game being played and the quality of content being dished out.

Hence, games like Among us and fall guys stepped into the limelight as entertaining and engaging content creating capabilities is supported by the game’s nature itself. The viewership numbers of Garena Free Fire and COD Mobile have remained unaffected as the game already harbors a massive community since the past year.

However, with PUBGM unban news making the rounds, we are certain that if and when the comeback happens we will be putting together a PUBGM roster and resume our grind to dominate in the competitive scene. 

What is the future plan of BlitzkreigXP?

BlitzkriegXP’s vision is to command the international Esports scene and house some of the most talented rosters in India. Diversifying in terms of content for the community, training and building rosters across different games and eventually competing in the biggest Esports competitions in India and then the world is the plan for the BXP’s future.

Moreover, partnering with endemic as well as non endemic brands and ensuring meaningful integrations through unique proprietary IPs is something that we are going to focus on in the next 6 months. These strategic collaborations will help build a sustainable and more credible ecosystem that opens up a plethora of opportunities for the entire Esports community!

About Ms Samin ‘AceAthena12’ Ahmed

Ms Samin ‘AceAthena12’ Ahmed is the Marketing Head of BlitzkriegXP, India’s first experiential E-Sports organisation. She recently completed her MBA in communication management from SIMC, Pune. Having had a year and a half long journey in experiential marketing she has played a key role in crafting consumer experiences for some of the biggest properties in the nation like Supersonic, Sunburn and T20 Mumbai. She has worked on various PR and activation campaigns across brands like Gulf Oil, Budweiser, Amazon Easy and Mondelez. Samin has also worked closely for the launch strategy and content curation of 7Rivers, India’s proudly homegrown beer from the house of ABInBev.

In 2020, she ventured into the E-Sports industry as the Marketing Head of BlitzkriegXP with a mission to introduce system and structure in this extremely unorganized yet highly lucrative industry by making the sport, the players, the content and the experiences more engaging and hence marketable.

She has worked intensively in the launch strategy and digital marketing campaign of BliztkriegXP which is now gearing up for a nation-wide tryout to recruit its first team.

As an extremely passionate and hardworking professional, she is always looking for newer and more challenging opportunities that foster thought leadership. Samin believes in a healthy work-life balance and being a cinema lover often blows off steam by watching films and going for a run every morning.

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I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.

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