AMD sets a new record in Mindfactory’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday CPU sales

The Red team is enjoying a good run in the CPU market, dominating for over a year or more, now, with the “best gaming processors” i.e. the Ryzen 5000 series, AMD is expected to ruin Intel totally. The reason why Intel was still preferred was due to gaming, because no one likes to upgrade their motherboard each generation.

The long term reliability of the AM4 platform is a major reason why AMD has made a big impact in the market in a short time period. Now, not only enthusiasts or professionals, but also gamers can happily join AMD’s platform without having to worry about the frame rates they get while playing games.

The tipster @TechEpiphany is always kind enough to get hold of the sales of Mindfactory, a German retail giant, and the new sales record during the much-hyped Black Friday and Cyber Monday shows what people actually prefer for their new PC builds:

As we see the star of the show is obviously the Ryzen 5 3600XT along with a lot of Ryzen 3000 series processors. Interestingly, the older Ryzen 5 2600, 2600X along with Ryzen 7 2700X did actually get a handsome amount of sales as well. The new Ryzen 5000 series processors also have got few sales, which is likely to increase over time. Intel has got few sales of its 10th gen and 9th gen CPUs accounting to only 14.31% of the sales whereas AMD enjoys 85.69%.

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In the Cyber Monday sales, the picture doesn’t change, AMD once again leading the charts and we have the Ryzen 3000 series performing better. Intel managed to generate a meagre 12.91% revenue to that of AMD’s superior 87.09%. This picture could remain same in 2021 until Intel launches its next-gen CPUs, but cannot touch AMD’s flight unless and until any supernatural thing happens.

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