How has Technology changed Online Gambling?

Online casinos come with numerous perks for someone who wants to spend a night gambling from their home. They are incredibly convenient, enormously accessible and lets you have some fun gambling in your PJs.

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You might take up online gambling for a number of reasons, including a raging pandemic that requires you to social distance. The necessity for online casinos was intensely felt when casinos around the world closed their doors for a while. Online gambling has been gaining popularity for a few years, and during this time, numerous technological innovations have come about to improve user experience and safety.

Let us see how technology has impacted the world of online gambling and what it could bring in the future.

Mobile Gambling

Nearly everything that used to be accessible only via computers can now be opened up in your smartphone. Having a well-functioning cell phone and good internet connectivity means that you can do the things you love on the internet no matter where you are. Today numerous casinos can be accessed on your phone even if you are waiting for the bus somewhere. These mobile casino apps will have multiple casino games that you can easily play whenever you want to.

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Sports betting used to be done at sportsbooks where people gathered to make wagers on teams, players and outcomes. Today you can bet on your favourite sports using mobile applications that are operated by licensed bookies. Placing bets can be done from your living room, and you can even take part in live-betting while watching a game on your TV.

Payments are also quicker and safer and can be done through gateways and e-wallets using your phone. You can find a great online casino Canada free spins that permits the use of cryptocurrencies, so you can start gambling with your Bitcoins. 

Voice Recognition

It is pretty common these days to have an AI at home you can talk to and give various instructions. The AIs are so well developed that they catch everything you say and work accordingly. Even Siri or Google Assistant in your phones work based on voice recognition and listening to your commands.

Voice Recognition is a pretty new feature found in a few online casinos. To emulate the feeling of playing at an actual casino, you could speak up the directions regarding your play instead of clicking with your cursor.

The Wild Tornado Casino was the first online Gambling site that made use of voice recognition technology. Soon, you will have the opportunity to play a game of Blackjack or Poker at your favourite online casinos, mostly via speaking, as you would have at a physical location.

VR Gambling

The world of Virtual Reality boasts numerous games, and these include gambling games. They are a fun way to feel like you’re at a casino without leaving your house. Sit on your dinner table with your VR headset on, and suddenly, you will be at a poker table in a luxurious casino. Your VR avatar will reflect your hand gestures, and you can also study the other players who might be strangers from around the world or your friends. VR gambling games are extremely useful if you want to have fun gambling and socializing.

Improved Graphics

From 360p a few years ago, graphics have reached 4k and above, and this upgrade is also seen in online casino games. Graphics are now crisper and more defined while transitions look smoother. The improved graphics increase the all-around experience of anyone who plays these gambling games.

Gesture Recognition

Much like voice recognition, gesture recognition is also a useful tool. It is already used in VR games where your real-life movements will be reflected in the game. This gesture recognition helps you understand the tells of the other players and proceed accordingly. Your skills and chances of winning will improve, and your experience will be more like at an actual casino.

Facial Recognition

You usually get to customize your avatar while playing at an Online Casino or a VR game. But it would be fantastic if your avatar resembled you in terms of facial features. When playing using a VR headset, you will be surrounded by Avatars that look just like your friends. Won’t that make online gambling even more fun? Rather than pre-set features common to everyone, you will all look the way you do in reality.

Summing Up

Casinos have been around for decades, and they shifted online with the massive spread of internet and computers. Now you can access casinos via a phone that fits in your hands. Technological advancements have been improving the gameplay in casinos, and VR gambling provides a fantastic new experience to all. With voice, face and gesture recognition, your online casino experience will reach unimaginable heights in no time at all.

Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.

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