Nvidia GeForce starts advertising 8-pin connector for RTX 3070 Founders Edition

In recent weeks we have seen various details surfacing online about Nvidia’s RTX 3070 Founders Edition (FE) and its power connector. We already know that the RTX 3070 FE, much like the FE versions of the RTX 3080 and the RTX 3090, utilizes NVIDIA’s new 12-pin power connector. According to sources, the 12-pin power connector provides the power of dual 8-pin power connectors in one more compact connector.

But, NVIDIA’s current budget Ampere card only requires up to 225 W of power, and it draws 75 W from the PCIe slot, which means that the RTX 3070 FE only needs 150 W of power. Hence, theoretically speaking, NVIDIA does not need to utilize all 12-pins to distribute this amount of wattage to the card.

Thus amidst the ongoing debate about Nvidia including a 12-pin power connector on the RTX 3070 FE, we have come across a recent tweet from NVIDIA GeForce. According to the tweet, the green team has replaced the 12-pin power connector with an 8-pin connector. And now NVIDIA GeForce has been promoting the RTX 3070 Founders Edition with an 8-pin power connector instead of the 12-pin one. But the company is still advertising the graphics card with a 12-pin power connector on its website;, Nvidia, you are confusing us here.

The RTX 3070 FE is still out of stock, and NVIDIA has not given any information about when it will begin shipping 8-pin versions of the card. But this time, NVIDIA has really confused fans about the power connector on the Founders Edition model. And no matter where you check on the internet, it is hard to find any reviews on the 8-pin connector card. Thus it is odd for Nvidia to be advertising the product.

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