Jurgen Klopp furious in post-match interview over difficult schedule

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is considered to be one of the most cool-tempered managers in Europe. The German is more often than not seen smiling and is a happy-go-lucky character on most days. 

However, the draw against Brighton was frustrating enough for Klopp to lose his composure in the post-match interview. The Reds had two goals written off for marginal offsides and conceded a late penalty to gift Brighton the equaliser. 

Here is what went down between Jurgen Klopp and Des Kelly, who was tasked with the post-match interview. 

Transcripts sourced by Mirror

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Kelly: “You think the decisions were right, well Jordan Henderson said some of the Brighton players agreed that it wasn’t a penalty…

Klopp: “Yes but the ref… Look, you try to create again, on my cost, again, a headline, you do.

“Because that’s how it is, if I say now it was not, but the ref whistled it.

“Don’t look like this, you try, always, all the time, but I say today it was a penalty.

“But you are not happy with that answer, so what do you want to hear? Give the answers to yourself…”

Kelly: “Mo Salah didn’t look too happy to be coming off early, but I assume you’re planning ahead for that and what’s the information with James Milner?”

Klopp: “Yeah, the day when Mo Salah is smiling when he leaves the pitch something is really wrong, so I get it, 100 percent.

“The problem is he had COVID, was out for 10-12 days, trained once, played 60 minutes, three days later, played again.

“We just have to be careful, he doesn’t like it I know but that’s it.”

Kelly: “And James Milner? Hamstring is it?”

Klopp: “Oh yes. Congratulations.”

Kelly: “What, me personally?”

Klopp: “No, but you work for them.

“Hamstring, surprise. And they had injuries as well. Because a tough time, but ask Chris Wilder how we can avoid that.”

Kelly: “Well maybe you’re firing at the wrong target.”

Klopp: “Sorry?”

Kelly: “Well maybe you’re firing at the wrong target because we are broadcasters, we work within the Premier League rules and the Premier League makes the rules, so that’s the Premier League clubs. So shouldn’t you be working with the Premier League clubs, talking to the Chief Executives?”

Klopp: “I don’t know how often have to say it. YOU picked the 12:30 kick-off, you.

“Not you personally but you did it, didn’t you. Us on 12:30. Between now and December and New Year, there’s one more Wednesday and Saturday 12:30.”

Kelly: “Yes but when you say ‘you picked the 12:30’, the Premier League clubs chose that slot. There’s a reason that slot is there, it’s because it’s valuable for the Premier League.”

Klopp: “And I’ve said it now a couple of times, these are difficult times.

Kelly: “Indeed, I know they’re difficult times, the stadium is empty, of course they’re difficult times and the broadcasters are supportive of the games.”

Klopp: “And we have to try. If we play at 3 o’clock or 5:30 it’s exactly the same, it’s Saturday.”

Kelly: “Then that has different chief executives. Your chief executive should be going to the other chief executives and having that discussion. If you come down here and just have a go at the broadcaster, it doesn’t go anywhere. It’s not going to change anything.”

Klopp: “I’m not having a go at the broadcaster, I just say how it is. 12:30, after Wednesday, Saturday 12:30 is really, really dangerous for the players.”

This is not the first time that Klopp has hit out on the fact that the players are being put at risk. Having to put in such tremendous physical effort throughout the week leaves them in a very precarious position. 

The Premier League must take a look at this and find a way to put the player welfare first, if the teams are to be able to pull the numbers together for the matches. 


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