Apple MacBook Air with its M1 chipset buries the competition in AnTuTu benchmark

Apple’s A14 Bionic has taken the lead and is now the world’s fastest mobile processor. With the company’s M1 chipset also creating ripples in the semiconductor market it seems that Apple has some big plans for its silicon manufacturing unit.

In the latest AnTuTu benchmark testing, it was seen that there is one particular Apple device that has the best performance in terms of iOS platform devices. we are talking about the MacBook Air that has utterly destroyed the rankings of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro fourth-generation device. The device is after all powered by the company’s ARM-based M1 SoC. the MacBook Air manages to score a massive 1,119,243 points (+48.19%) while the iPad Pro 4 managed 755,294.

According to sources, AnTuTu has reported that the M1 system was recorded as an iPad Pro running iOS 14.2 but the MacBook Air obviously runs on macOS. Looking at the AnTuTu benchmark and the comparison with the current iOS benchmark leader, it seems that Apple was correct with its decision to switch to the ARM architecture for this powerful new SoC.

The individual specs of the new MacBook Air are also impressive. It has 8 GB of RAM along with 512 GB of storage memory. the individual UX is of +38.66%, MEM being +64.98%, and the GPU at +43.78% finally the CPU is at massive +50.65% scores. All the scores are ahead by a mile of the iPad Pro 4 (6 GB + 128 GB).

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Of course, we are not comparing the overall features here, but the difference in the CPU and GPU performance is quite notable. With over 50% performance gain, the CPU part of the M1 SoC makes the impressive A12Z Bionic look practically outdated at this stage.



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