Samsung’s upcoming rollable smartphone can be a new rendition of its Galaxy Note series

Along with the normal smartphones, Samsung has produced some premium foldable smartphones as well. But as of now, we have not heard anything from Samsung regarding the rollable smartphones. The first company to bring this kind of rollable phone to the market is Oppo as they are looking to launch Oppo X 2021, a rollable smartphone earlier in 2022. The company has also shared some concept images of this phone.

Credit: LetsGoDigital
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In terms of Samsung, everything is all about foldable smartphones. The company is set to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in June 2021 and this will come with an S-pen stylus. Apart from it, the S21 series is also in the queue to be launched in 2021 and the most interesting part is that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will come with an S-pen stylus. Recently the company has also confirmed that they are going to discontinue its Galaxy Note series.

Credit: LetsGoDigital

But recently a concept design has been revealed by LetsGoDigital and Concept Creator (Jermaine Smit). According to them, the Samsung Galaxy Note series will come in the future in a new package of a rollable smartphone. That can be the reason for the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note series as Samsung’s rollable smartphone will act as a reincarnation of the Galaxy Note series. So, let’s breakdown those concept images to get a clearer view of it.

Credit: LetsGoDigital

First and foremost, the first thing that comes to our minds looking at the design is the Galaxy S21 series. The design has a lot of similarities with the upcoming S21 series smartphones as well as the current-gen Galaxy Note20 series. The first thing that is similar to the S21 series is its triple rear camera module. Also, for the S-pen stylus, you will get a boxy design at the bottom right corner, which shows the similarity with the Galaxy Note series. Moreover, we can witness the stereo speakers and 3.5mm headphone jack as well in the device. Now, let’s go to the most interesting part which is its rollable display. The display can be unrolled by pulling the left side of the phone. Also, this phone is going to have an under-display selfie camera. We can witness the Samsung branding at the bottom right corner of the rear panel.

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