Eluktronics to launch the world’s first gaming laptop with 1440p 165 Hz display

This year we saw many premium laptops and notebooks being launched and announced. The high-end devices had all extreme specs that piqued everyone’s interest. Initially, we had up to 1080p resolution displays, but now premium laptop lineups easily rock 4K displays, be they OLEDs or LCDs.

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We also have the 1440p standard, but it is currently exclusive to desktop systems. According to sources, 1440p screens should be making a comeback as the new standard for gaming laptops.

Eluktronics to launch laptops with 1440p display with 165 Hz refresh rate

Laptop OEMs have always ignored the 1440p standard since 4K is now becoming mainstream in the TV world. However, Eluktronics is the first laptop OEM to introduce the new 1440p 165 Hz displays from BOE. The laptops are only $50 more expensive to produce than their 1080p variants.

The new 1440p screens are quite bright at 318 nits. And they cannot offer HDR support for now. They come with a high refresh rate, which is at 2.5 ms response time. The resolution has some downsides, though, and it is related to scaling. If one is forced to switch to 1080p, the image becomes a bit fuzzy and is less sharp than even a native 1080p display. The battery also gets used up a lot faster in the 1440p display, but it is certainly not as apparent as in the case of 4K displays.

Since OEMs are going for a more power-efficient laptop, it is worth seeing other prominent laptop OEMs announcing 1440p options. The mobility Ampere and RDNA2 GPUs’ launch should lower the prices for the graphics cards, making the starting prices for the 1440p laptops more palatable. Innovation is a must in the technology industry, and Eluktronics taking the next step in display technology is assuring.


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