Fun Facts about the Different Kinds of Cricket Balls

Cricket enthusiasts around the world are always curious to know things about their favourite field game. We often observe that different types of balls are used in different cricket matches. Only true cricket enthusiasts with a curious mind ever bother to ask why there are balls of different kinds. These are viewers who wish to know all aspects of their favourite game. When they see a different colour of cricket ball, their mind starts to race. So, in this post, we share fun facts related to the cricket balls to quench the curiosity of such avid cricket fans.

The Different Colours of Cricket Balls

The balls used for cricket matches come in three different colours. These are red balls, pink balls and white balls. Each of these balls differ in their qualities as well as purpose.

The Different Cricket Balls for Different Matches

The red balls have existed in cricket since the time of test matches. The white balls were introduced much later when the 50-over match format came into existence. At present, the white balls are used in T-20s and One Day International Cricket Matches. The pink ball, a third kind of ball, was introduced when the day and night form of matches started being played.

The Quality and Rules for the Use of Cricket Balls

The balls don’t just differ in colour. They also differ in quality and purpose. The red balls were introduced in the year 1856. The first leather ball had a hard cork core that made these balls extremely heavy in nature. The earliest balls were manufactured by the British Cricket Balls Limited and they were termed, Dukes.

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There are three types of red cricket balls too. Dukes is the heaviest and are used by Ireland, England and West Indies. India uses SG red balls for domestic as well as International Cricket. The other countries prefer to use the third kind of red balls named the Kookaburra.

The white balls deteriorate sooner than the red balls. They also carry the swing differently. This is the reason there is a rule that two white balls should be used in one ODI.

In test crickets, a new red or pink ball is used to commence the match. After 80 overs, the bowling side can choose to change the ball if they want.

Fielding side maintains the shine of the ball by rubbing the ball on the trousers or rubbing saliva to the ball.

Simple Way to Have Some Cricket Fun Online

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