Fans are finally going to be back in the stadium in England

Football without fans can never be complete. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was not possible to allow anyone into the stadium.

But UEFA has already told that 1/3rd of the fans can be allowed by maintaining the social distancing norms and rules of local government.

Germany and France’s government have already allowed fans in their matches. Now the British government has also given the green signal to allow fans into the stadium. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that the fans will be back in the stadium after the end of the national lockdown on 2nd December.

According to The Telegraph, the return of fans to stadiums will be adopted via a tiered-approach. There will be three different tires.

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Tier 1 will be for lower-risk areas. A maximum of 4000 fans will be allowed in those areas.

Tier 2 is for relatively higher risk areas than tier 1. A maximum of 2000 fans will be allowed in those areas.

Tier 3 is for highest risk areas. No fans will be allowed to enter in those regions.

Boris Johnson has also announced that the tier division will be published within this week.

In England, the number of people dying in Covid-19 is now more than 40%. One of the 6 affected persons is dying for the virus. According to a weekly report by the Office for National Statistics, almost 2000 people died between October 31 and November 6. So it is necessary for all the clubs to assure all the safety majors.

Premier League is one of the most exciting leagues in Europe. All the clubs are ready to welcome their fans into the stadium. The voice of the fans in the stadium adds a perfect flavour to the matches.

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