Logitech’s PRO X SUPERLIGHT eSports gaming mouse to be available from December 3rd

Logitech is no stranger to creating excellent gaming accessories. It has recently launched its PRO X SUPERLIGHT gaming mouse. The mouse is designed with eSports players in mind. It is the lightest wireless eSports gaming mouse, which utilizes Logitech’s HERO 25K sensor. The is expected to be available on December 3rd on Logitech.com and will have a $149.99.

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The performance of the device is powered by the HERO 25K sensor and an incredibly lightweight design. The design allows the mouse to be easily moved across a mouse pad with little-to-no resistance. The weight of PRO X SUPERLIGHT is just 63 grams, which is 25% lighter than Logitech’s Standard PRO wireless gaming mouse.

The HERO 25K is the first sub-micron level mouse sensor in the market that accurately tracks movement even at the sub-micron level. It offers a more responsive feeling when compared to other gaming mice currently available.

The gaming mouse comes with a high 2.4 GHz wireless connection that allows for a quick and responsive mouse that can live up to seventy hours of battery life. Chris Pate, portfolio manager for Logitech G PRO Series, stated, “With the PRO X SUPERLIGHT we pushed the boundaries of what’s possible when you combine advanced technologies like LIGHTSPEED and HERO 25K with an innovative super lightweight design, Tested and validated by Pro athletes around the world, The PRO X SUPERLIGHT is the answer for gamers who are looking for the pinnacle of performance.”

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The PRO X SUPERLIGHT eSports gaming mouse will be available on December 3rd and come in either a white or a black design. It will have a retail price of $149.99.



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