Fitbit gets support for Google Assistant

Fitbit is a common name in the market of the smart band and fitness wears. The company has started rolling out Google Assistant support to the Versa 3 and Sense devices. Users are now able to link their Fitbit accounts to Google Assistant for essential sleep and wellness data.

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Users need to go to the Google Assistant settings list and scroll down to the new “Wellness” menu. There they can “manage your sleep, exercise, and nutrition data.” For now, the company is offering only “Sleep” in the list and Fitbit support. After tapping “Connect” on the next page, it will ask the users to agree to its terms and conditions. Users will then be redirected to the Fitbit mobile app or website to approve Google’s access.

Once complete, you can ask the Assistant two identical queries: 

  • How did I sleep last night?
  • Show my sleep summary.

According to sources, the assistant will answer in a “Since yesterday; you slept a total of x hr and xx min” format. The same answer is provided on phones, Assistant smart displays, and speakers. It does not provide any accompanying visuals or graphs.

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All the features are fundamental and are meant to be asked on Fitbit smartwatches. But since it is Google Assistant, the commands work everywhere. In terms of privacy, Google stated, “Fitbit sleep data is stored temporarily and used to give you info about your sleep, health, and fitness. Fitbit sleep data isn’t used for Google ads.”

We already know that neither Google nor Fitbit is going to stop at this. We can expect more functionalities to roll out sooner. Since smart wearable devices are becoming more famous, the integration of Google assistance and Fitbit could give both the companies an edge over their competition.



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