AMD is working on a cross-platform DLSS super-sampling feature for both PC and consoles

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The Red team has launched its kind NVIDIA RTX GPU killer, the new Radeon RX 6000 series GPUs based on RDNA 2 architecture. Obviously, the main hype for almost two years now is ray tracing, and AMD has finally implemented it on their new GPUs.

As for now, it doesn’t have a huge library of games optimized for AMD’s ray tracing feature; however, AMD does have an advantage in the form of consoles. Not to mention AMD is in the heart of every new Xbox Series and PS5 consoles in the market, which means it has a chance to increase its game library for ray tracing over time.

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The ray-tracing performance of these new RX 6000 GPUs isn’t compelling enough against NVIDIA RTX 30-series cards but it’s a good effort at the first attempt. But NVIDIA does have one edge over AMD is their homegrown DLSS supersampling, which paired with ray tracing gives far more performance.

There have been reports that AMD is indeed working on bringing a DLSS alternative to its GPUs. Recently, in a video from HotHardware, AMD’s Scott Herkelman and Frank Azor have indeed spoken on this @30:01 min of the interview, and Scott’s view on this is pretty interesting.

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As he said, AMD is not disclosing much on this but working with game developers instead for both PC and consoles, and they have been “begging” AMD not to create any vendor or game-specific APIs. This will ultimately lessen the burden of coding for multiple architectures and reduce development time as well.

AMD seems to be working on a cross-platform DLSS super-sampling feature and looks forward to working with Intel and NVIDIA to help developers across platforms reuse their codes effortlessly. It’s not that easy as it’s said, but if AMD can develop something like this, we will see a more stable implementation of this tech on PC or console.

Scott also felt the new RX 6000s series GPUs’ ray tracing performance is “pretty good” while still a lot of games lack support for the feature at launch. However, he ensured that the ray tracing performance would likely improve over time with more cross-platform games coming into existence.

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